commercial lighting

Commercial Lighting and Warehouse Installation Services

Commercial and warehouse industrial lighting is an integral part of a cost-effective, safe, and productive business. At CellTech, we can take the hassle out of your commercial or warehouse lighting installation—whether it’s a new LED lighting installation or a retrofit of any kind.

We will manage your commercial LED or warehouse-based lighting project from start to finish. CellTech offers:

  • Initial consultation and free quote
  • Lighting survey to identify cost and energy savings, and see if an upgrade is needed
  • Recommendations on installations
  • Installation for new and retrofitted lighting
  • Post-installation assessments

Industrial, Warehouse, Or Commercial Lighting Installation Projects

We are experts in a wide range of lighting installations and can assist with projects of any type and size. Our expertise includes:

  • Commercial and warehouse retrofitting- does your lighting need upgrading to LED fixtures? CellTech can replace and install a range of industrial lighting fixtures to meet modern requirements.
  • Lighting maintenance- sometimes your warehouse location might just need a little maintenance. We can advise on upgrades you can make to comply with the latest safety requirements.
  • Commercial and warehouse industrial installation- after an initial investment, new LED lighting will save money with our energy-saving installations.
  • Commercial outdoor lighting- do you need lighting installed outside? Our commercial electrical lighting is fully compliant with outside safety regulations.

How can we help with your next commercial lighting project?