ev charging

EV Charging

With the increasing popularity of EVs of all shapes and sizes, from plug-in hybrids to full electric cars, there is an increasing demand for electric car charging points. More and more people are purchasing EVs as their price points stabilize, performance increases, and range improvements making them a more practical choice than ever.

As such, there is a continuously growing number of reasons to have CellTech provide your installation or assist with your EV solutions!

Why consider our EV solutions for your commercial property

Gas stops and other businesses that don’t include one of our EV solutions could be catering to a smaller and smaller market as time goes on. More and more drivers are seeing the environmental benefits of choosing electric cars, such as the reduction or elimination of gas emissions that have a causal link to climate change.

As the higher cost of EVs over conventional automobiles continues to diminish, it is convincing a wide range of drivers to convert. With it costing a little more than a dollar to fully charge an electric car with a 100-mile range and with the help of State incentives, the savings is becoming significant over the costs of green car ownership.

Add to these cost savings the minimal maintenance that EVs need and it’s clear to see just why they’re becoming more popular. As time goes on, we fully expect that more drivers will be eschewing conventional cars to make more environmentally sustainable choices. As this happens, EV solutions like our commercial chargers will prove even more profitable than they already are.

It’s not just gas stations that are installing our EV solutions. The hospitality and retail industries, workplaces, and even apartments and condominiums are all making way for the electric future, making money, and satisfying a growing market of electric vehicle drivers.

About Level 2 and Level 3 Chargers

For drivers of electric vehicles, finding the right charger is important. We are suppliers of both Level 2 and Level 3 Chargers for commercial properties, but here we will take a closer look at the different levels of EV charging stations and what the numbers mean.

As you might have guessed, there is also a Level 1. These chargers are not commonly found in commercial environments, rather are commonly found in homes as they refer to the 120 volt electrical outlet. Level 2 and level 3 chargers are much more efficient and faster, which is why many drivers prefer to use commercial charging stations rather than charging from home.

  • Level 2 - These chargers are upgraded electrical outlets that supply 240 volts of power. This allows drivers to get more power in a shorter time, reducing the amount of time it takes to fully charge their car than they would have with standard wiring. In fact, Level 2 chargers tend to be five times faster than Level 1 chargers,
  • Level 3 - These chargers are the highest standard of EV charger currently on the market and are far from any kind of power supply you could find in the average household. Most homes and business environments run on AC, or alternating current, which is a modulated, more manageable form of electric current. Level 3 chargers, on the other hand, run on DC, or direct current. This form is much stronger, and usually too much for household appliances, so it’s transformed to AC before reaching most properties. As such, it can charge cars up significantly faster than Level 2 chargers, able to get an 80% charge in as little as half an hour.

There are also chargers beyond level 3 that you may consider. However, most of these are for operations well outside the needs of the average commercial property, so Level 2 and Level 3 will remain the most relevant choices for the majority considering an installation.

Which EV solution is right for you and your customers?

It may seem like, as the faster service and more convenient option, that Level 3 chargers are the obvious choice for installing a charging station in your commercial property. However, choosing a station means considering the property it’s being installed into, as well as your needs.

Level 3 chargers are in many ways superior to Level 2 chargers but, as you might expect, their costs reflect that. They may initially be expensive to purchase, and with many commercial buildings likely not having the direct connection to DC electricity that they require, you’ll likely have to consider both working with your local authority to get permission to install a Level 3 charger, as well as finding a technician to give you access to DC electricity.

How CellTech can help you

Get in touch with California’s top commercial electric vehicle charger installer, CellTech is a General Contractor specialized in electric vehicle chargers with the infrastructure to support efficient, affordable installations across the state. Our experience, time in business, and the growing number of clients who rely on our services have demonstrated to us that we are the fastest and most efficient contractor in California.

We can show you our extensive range of charging station products, consult you on your options, and perform the installation to make sure that your commercial property is ready for the electric future.

Whatever your building, budget, and parking application, CellTech can help you find the right solution with a team of highly trained, certified electricians and technicians. Furthermore, we can provide maintenance and service, whether you originally got your charger from us or not, to ensure that they keep running to the best possible standards.