electrical services

Electrical Services

Why Choose A Full-Service Electrical Company?

The term “full-service electrical company” might seem vague, but the reality is that we at CellTech can provide virtually any kind of electrical installation service that you might require.

Our team of professionals come from a variety of different electrical backgrounds. We mix both industry veterans and talented newcomers to create a diverse and strong team of electrical technicians that can tackle any commercial electrical project.

Commercial Electrical Services

Running your business comes with many responsibilities and the last thing you want is for a flickering light or a power surge to delay or ruin your business. As a commercial electrical contractor, CellTech understands that electricity is no joke, and your electrical systems need to be installed and designed correctly for it to provide a safe and steady foundation for your business. Depending on how much power you draw, the type of devices you use, and the sort of business you operate, your needs could be overwhelming your current capacity.

You may find yourself struggling with certain electrical outlets, your warehouse machines might not be performing correctly, or you might even be spending more money than you should on business upkeep. Whether you are experiencing emergency electrical issues or want to redesign the way your business uses and handles power, we are confident that our experienced professionals can help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of what commercial electrical concerns you might have, CellTech is here to help offset those problems, provide you with a comprehensive selection of commercial and industrial electrical services that offers peace of mind.

The Difference Between An Industrial Electrician And A Commercial Electrician?

When hiring an electrician, many people are unsure whether they need an industrial electrician or a commercial one. But it is important that you know the difference so you can hire the right subcontractor for the job.

The main difference between an industrial electrician and a commercial electrician is the area that they work in. Although both are qualified to deal with complex electrical systems that are running a lot of equipment simultaneously, a commercial electrician will work mainly in small office buildings or retail environments, usually dealing with things like wiring computer workstations and other appliances, wiring up servers, installing fixtures, and safety testing all of this office equipment. Many of the appliances that they deal with only require a single-phase installation. Industrial electricians deal with environments like warehouses, industrial plants, industrial communications solar fields, energy storage facilities manufacturing operations, and loading docks. In an industrial setting, most machinery requires 3 phase installation and there are a lot of safety issues that need to be considered as well.

CellTech’s Commercial Electrical Installation Services

Commercial electrical systems play a huge role in the way your business runs. Ensuring that your electrical systems are running optimally will help keep your business operating smoothly. However, this requires regular maintenance from a trained technician to identify, diagnose, and fix any issues with your electrical systems. A professional commercial electrician can also help to optimize the electrical system in your commercial property, potentially transforming your business for the better and offering you countless advantages.

Commercial Power Installation
Lighting Upgrades and retrofits
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Exterior Lighting
Communication and Fiber Optics
Nurse Call Installation
Security Camera Systems
Warehouse Dedicated Circuits Access Points

Generator Installation
Commercial Panel Upgrades
Electrical Systems Consultation
Building Maintenance
Door Entry & Keyless System Installation
Renewable Energy

CellTech’s Industrial Electrical Services Include

Commercial electrical systems are incredibly simple when compared with industrial systems, which is why it is important that any industrial electrical needs are handled by a trained professional with experience in industrial applications. The high voltages involved with industrial electrical systems can be incredibly dangerous, to maintain safety, it is vital that they are installed and maintained by a trained professional.

The duties of an industrial electrician cover a range of different applications, including the most common:

  • Installation and maintenance of 480-volt industrial electrical panels
  • 480-volt machine installation
  • Industrial lighting upgrades
  • Industrial Communications and Fiber Optic splicing
  • Installation and management of refrigeration system power and controls
  • Class 1 Division Environment Installation

Why you can count on CellTech’s Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial facilities require the use of a lot of heavy-duty machinery that far exceeds the voltage of most commercial and residential appliances. Industrial businesses rely on the functionality of this equipment and complex control systems which are required to keep everything running smoothly.

Our knowledgeable industrial electricians and technicians are trained to install and maintain a range of high voltage electrical equipment for use in a range of different industries. They deal with advanced wiring, circuits, and panels that are required in industrial environments and install switches, fixtures, circuit boards and conduits.

We are qualified to carry out installations and maintenance in a range of different environments, helping you to ensure that your business is always safe and productive.