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BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)

Whether you opt for renewable energy or grid power, you can still experience intermittent power access. At CellTech, we are committed to delivering the best solution to prevent interruption in your power supply. We appreciate that operators must guarantee a stable enough supply of electricity to maximize energy and reduce disruptions.

That's where our Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) can make a big difference.

Tailored energy storage systems

Our specialist engineers are experienced with a variety of battery energy storage systems. In essence, a BESS is a compound solution that serves multiple purposes:

  • Capturing the energy from different sources
  • Accumulating and storing the energy in batteries for later use
  • Releasing the energy when, and if, required

There is more than one type of energy storage system, typically including:

  • A battery system
  • Battery management system
  • Power conversion system
  • Energy management system

Additionally, a range of safety systems may also be necessary depending on your operation conditions. Our engineers will recommend the best battery types for your needs.

How a battery energy storage prevents energy supply interruption

Our clients have successfully implemented battery energy storage to solve many challenges related to renewable energy consumption:

  • Load management, so they can face peak times
  • Backup power in the event of a grid failure or disruption in the renewable energy source
  • Maximizing renewable energy consumption
  • Energy arbitrage, so you can avoid price fluctuation depending on time shift
  • Fast response in the event of blackouts

Are you worried about the risks of power disruption for your project? CellTech guarantees uninterrupted power with scalable and effective battery energy storage systems.