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Commercial Power Generator Installation

When your business is affected by a power outage, it can lead to steep financial and product losses, damage your reputation, and long-lasting damages to equipment and facilities.

At CellTech, we know that a constant and reliable supply of power is the lifeline of your business. That is why we are committed to providing experienced commercial generator installation services you can rely on.

What Is a Commercial Generator?

A commercial generator is a backup source of power that can replace the supply of energy from the grid in the event of outages.

Backup generators are designed to run on diesel or natural fuel and handle the power load necessary to continue powering your commercial electrical components during a blackout. All you need to do is flip a switch and tap into the power created by your backup power generator.

When choosing a generator to fit your commercial building’s needs, our team at CellTech will make sure to account for:

  • The type of fuel source that is available to you
  • The size and power load that needs handling
  • The frequency and length of power outages in your area
  • The regulations that outline who, when, and where the generator can be installed

Lastly, don’t forget to choose your transfer switch installation. While an automatic power transfer might be convenient in an emergency, a manual switch can offer you better control over your operations.

Consulting an expert at CellTech can help you find the right generator for your commercial needs.

What To Expect From a Commercial Generator Installation

A commercial generator installation - alongside the necessary generator transfer switch installation - is conducted by a licensed and experienced commercial electrician.

The entire process is supervised and approved by your building inspector and utility company to ensure the safety and reliability of the generator. When working with a professional electrician at CellTech, you will be guided through each step of the backup generator installation process.

The Benefits of a Commercial Backup Generator

According to EIA, each electricity user in the US experienced 8 hours of power interruptions in 2020 - and this trend is bound to sharpen while the American power grid undergoes a makeover.

Having a commercial backup generator on your commercial building might be your most powerful tool to continue operating your business and prevent losses during the next blackout.

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