Four Things You Might Not Know About Cellular Towers | CellTech

Cellular towers are equipped with electric communications technology that connects to devices like our cell phones and car radios. Wireless signals are passed between compatible pathways to the tower technology and back for communications wherever you go.

Cellular towers are best known for expanding the network coverage or bandwidth for their consumers. Cellular towers are part of our everyday lives and in our public spaces; they are pivotal to our ability to communicate as we become ever more globalized.

We’re here to share some interesting things to know about cell towers!

  • Roof tops are used to house towers in high-density areas, land space is used for towers in more rural areas
  • Towers can be found atop water towers, churches, windmills, silos, industry smokestacks, school other buildings and even artificial towers
  • For safety purposes, tower antennas are aimed away from residential building interiors
  • There are over 300 million cell towers across the United States.

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