CellTech Electrical Services

At CellTech, we specialize in concealment projects for your wireless cellular towers, but did you know we provide commercial electrical services as well?

Our experienced professionals understand how important internet, security and electrical connections are for your business. Commonly overlooked, these seemingly minor components are essential to the operation of your business and the advancement of your enterprise.

There are several factors we consider when providing electrical services to our clients. Among others, how many watts of electricity you draw, the type of equipment you use and the type of business in operation all differentiate your hardware and output needs. We consider these and many other details to understand what you need and how best to install it.

An efficient electrical system could end up saving your company costly maintenance bills and electrical outages that could erase essential files.

Our experts will consider the issues you are experiencing with your electrical system, diagnose the issues, and offer you an assortment of commercial and industrial service options to customize the solution to your needs.

Unsure of whether your business requires a commercial or industrial electrician? Here are some things to know about these similar yet specialized professions.

Commercial electricians devote their services to small office buildings, such as dental offices and retail spaces. Working mainly with computer wiring, server maintenance and updating systems, many are contracted by a company for routine care of their systems.

Industrial electricians on the other hand, work on large-scale operations such as warehouses and solar fields. Beyond the single-phase logistics of a commercial electrician, many industrial projects require a three-phase installation and intricate safety plan.

Equally qualified, the main difference is the size and scope of the project that determine which branch of expertise is right for you.

Still not sure? Call the team at CellTech at 714.768.0945 today or visit us online at www.celltech.us.net to learn more about the services we may provide for your project needs.