Commercial Generators and Installation Services | CellTech

Power outages can create a costly and time consuming loss to your company. The professionals at CellTech understand the importance of keeping your business operational, that is why we provide commercial generator installation and maintenance services.

When considering the addition of a generator for your business, it is important to understand what they are and the value they provide. A commercial generator is a source of power that can replace the supply of energy commonly provided by a grid. They run on natural gas or diesel, allowing it to easily handle the output necessary to support your needs during a blackout.

Our team of experts will review and advise you on the various components that ensure the installation of a generator will suit your needs. These include:

– Available fuel source

– Generator size and power load

– Frequency and length of outages in your area

– Installation requirements and regulations

– Manual or automatic power

At CellTech, our experienced professionals specialize in a variety of electrical services. One of our licensed commercial electricians, along with the approval and supervision of a building inspector and utility company will work together to ensure the proper installation of your generator.

Our nation’s power grid is due for a major upgrade, and in 2020 alone, the United States encountered eight hours of power interruption. You can get ahead of the curve on system upgrades with a commercial generator that exceeds the needs of your business when you need it most.

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What to Know About Upgrading Your Electrical Panel | Anaheim

The ability for your business to run properly relies in part on the output of electricity your electrical panel can supply. Electrical panels tend to be the last thing on an owner’s mind when it comes to their business- until something goes wrong. Panels with low amperages can be a hazard, potentially causing outages while attempting to keep up with the output of your operation. It’s important to understand the importance of a panel that can keep up, and grow with the success of your enterprise.

Our experts are happy to inspect your panel and evaluate its performance to understand if your amperage is keeping up with you, or if it’s time for an upgrade. We offer breaker installation, and can change out your entire system to bring your panel up to speed.

The difference between varying amperage boxes is how many circuits are working to heat, cool or otherwise allot for the use of electric appliances in your home or commercial space.

Unsure of what your current total amperage is? This information can be found on or near the main breaker; this switch controls the whole panel. Simply add the amps of the individual breakers to know the total amperage of your panel.

A few notes on the rules and benefits of a 200 amp panel:

– It is illegal to attempt an electrical panel upgrade yourself; let our experts evaluate your system and recommend the services that are right for you

– Panel upgrades improve workplace safety and reduce the likelihood of an outage

– Even if your business is not quite there, a 200 amp panel will grow with you

– Our team will work on nights and weekends to upgrade your panel without disrupting your business

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EV Chargers for your Commercial Business | Anaheim, CA

Electric vehicle (EV) chargers are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. With gas prices on the rise and society beginning to view climate change as something they can participate in, demand for electric vehicle chargers will only increase.

It’s becoming increasingly common to see EV charging stations and stalls in grocery centers, condominium complexes and private residences. There are several reasons why investing in EV charging stations for your commercial business can enhance guest experience and increase profits.

Stand Out. As demand for charging stations soars, tech savvy entrepreneurs are creating ways to find them. Incorporating charging stations at your place of business for employees and customers can literally out you on the map. Businesses get found through various means of search engine optimization; an app that puts your business on the map is a great way to enhance your presence.

Financial Incentives. As we progress in our ability to combat climate change, states are more willing to offer tax incentives to businesses that offer green solutions. EV chargers are considered to be part of the solution, and it’s worth investigating the incentives your state offers. Offering EV stations can work to increase profits over time as customers linger as their car charges, and tax breaks increase margins.

Types of Chargers. If you are considering adding EV charging stations to your commercial business, it’s important to note that different levels offer different advantages. For commercial spaces, levels two and three are the most suitable options.

Level two. With 240 volts of electric output, these chargers offer more power in less time, keeping the waiting time to a minimum. In fact, compared to level one chargers, commonly used for private residences, the output of level two chargers is five times faster.

Level three. This is the gold standard of EV chargers on the market. These chargers run on a direct current, allowing them to produce a faster, stronger charge than level two alternating current outputs. Comparatively, level three chargers produce an 80 percent charge in as little as half an hour.

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CellTech Electrical Services

Our team is equipped to design, install and manage a range of electrical services beyond wireless concealment projects. As a full-service electrical company, our professionals understand a variety of niche electrical services, making CellTech the go-to team for any project.

Recently, we completed a comprehensive electrical project for a commercial space. Our team evaluated the client’s needs and were able to install all electrical work throughout the building, including security cameras and wifi. At CellTech, our team is equipped to handle electrical wiring needs for commercial and industrial spaces of any size.

Our commercial services include power installation, lighting upgrades and retrofits, exterior lighting, communication and fiber optics, generator installation, renewable energy, and warehouse dedicated circuit access points among others.

The industrial services we offer include 480-volt machine installation and maintenance, industrial communications and fiber optic splicing, refrigeration system power and controls and Class 1 Division Environmental Installation.

No matter the project, the dedicated professionals at CellTech provide clients with excellent service every time. If you are unsure about which electrical services fit your needs, we are happy to help guide you in the right direction.

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CellTech Electrical Services

At CellTech, we specialize in concealment projects for your wireless cellular towers, but did you know we provide commercial electrical services as well?

Our experienced professionals understand how important internet, security and electrical connections are for your business. Commonly overlooked, these seemingly minor components are essential to the operation of your business and the advancement of your enterprise.

There are several factors we consider when providing electrical services to our clients. Among others, how many watts of electricity you draw, the type of equipment you use and the type of business in operation all differentiate your hardware and output needs. We consider these and many other details to understand what you need and how best to install it.

An efficient electrical system could end up saving your company costly maintenance bills and electrical outages that could erase essential files.

Our experts will consider the issues you are experiencing with your electrical system, diagnose the issues, and offer you an assortment of commercial and industrial service options to customize the solution to your needs.

Unsure of whether your business requires a commercial or industrial electrician? Here are some things to know about these similar yet specialized professions.

Commercial electricians devote their services to small office buildings, such as dental offices and retail spaces. Working mainly with computer wiring, server maintenance and updating systems, many are contracted by a company for routine care of their systems.

Industrial electricians on the other hand, work on large-scale operations such as warehouses and solar fields. Beyond the single-phase logistics of a commercial electrician, many industrial projects require a three-phase installation and intricate safety plan.

Equally qualified, the main difference is the size and scope of the project that determine which branch of expertise is right for you.

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Four Things You Might Not Know About Cellular Towers | CellTech

Cellular towers are equipped with electric communications technology that connects to devices like our cell phones and car radios. Wireless signals are passed between compatible pathways to the tower technology and back for communications wherever you go.

Cellular towers are best known for expanding the network coverage or bandwidth for their consumers. Cellular towers are part of our everyday lives and in our public spaces; they are pivotal to our ability to communicate as we become ever more globalized.

We’re here to share some interesting things to know about cell towers!

  • Roof tops are used to house towers in high-density areas, land space is used for towers in more rural areas
  • Towers can be found atop water towers, churches, windmills, silos, industry smokestacks, school other buildings and even artificial towers
  • For safety purposes, tower antennas are aimed away from residential building interiors
  • There are over 300 million cell towers across the United States.

Our team will work with you to bring your concealment vision to life. What do you want to conceal? At CellTech we can make it happen… because we’re everywhere you don’t see us.

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The Value of Aesthetic Technology | CellTech | Anaheim, CA

Cell phones, and the means we have created to allow the advancement of cellular connection, have created an issue for our public spaces and property owners. Concealing cellular towers in an aesthetic way, can improve consumer opinion and our public spaces. CellTech believes in the value of aesthetic technology and works to enhance our natural spaces with every project.

Cell phone towers are erected by different companies in spaces across the country to provide consumers with a signal they can rely on. Access to one another in this way has become crucial to our ability to operate in our daily lives, but it doesn’t mean we have to gaze at ugly cell towers to do it.

We don’t believe residents should have to choose the retention of beauty in their space and great cell coverage. CellTech is committed to improving the appearance of cell towers, allowing natural spaces to retain their appeal.

We work with major cellphone carriers to design custom solutions that enhance the appearance of otherwise unsightly towers. Our portfolio ranges from art pieces to church steeples, accounting for the needs of the client and desire of the residents.

Our team will work with you to bring your concealment vision to life. What do you want to conceal? At CellTech we can make it happen… because we’re everywhere you don’t see us.

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EV Charging Stations are Increasing Fast | Anaheim, CA

As European nations continue to champion the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, America has begun to follow suit. In fact, concerns about the global climate and widespread availability have ramped up the adoption of electric vehicles and EV charging stations in America.

“In 2009, 245 new EV charging stations were installed… in 2019, more than 2,000 new EV charging stations were installed” according to

According to Figure 4 in the article, the availability of electric charging stations has increased three-fold from August 2014 to January 2020. A lot of the popularity surrounding electric vehicles has to do with their environmental impact and relative cost to charge, versus fill, a tank. The more electric vehicles we see on the road, the more consumers will demand workplace, personal and generally accessible stations across the nation. The installation of EV charging stations is projected to grow.

When you decide it’s time to go electric, give the professionals at CellTech a call!

Church Steeple Re-Design and Fabrication | Anaheim, CA

In 2018, CellTech partnered with T-Mobile to design and fabricate a unique concealment solution in San Diego, CA. We collaborated on a church steeple design and tailored fabrication for an existing building. As with all our concealment solutions, this project was customized to meet the needs of the client and the space. Fabricated off-site, this project took vision and demanded precision. Featuring ventilation and details that complete the aesthetic, this design flawlessly conceals the cell tower within it. Whatever your concealment needs, work with the team that specializes in creating unique solutions.

Our team will work with you to bring your concealment vision to life. What do you want to conceal? At CellTech we can make it happen… because we’re everywhere you don’t see us.

Concealment Project Highlight of the Month

CellTech is committed to customized concealment projects for our clients. In 2015, Cell Tech completed a project for Verizon Wireless in Lake Forest, California that we would like to highlight. A collaborative effort, the team at Verizon and our craftsmen developed a chimney design for this cabin-inspired space. Upon finalizing the design, the professionals at CellTech fabricated the faux chimney base off-site. Once complete, the parts were craned into place and faux river rock paneled along the façade. To ventilate the space, a vent was later added. The final product seamlessly enhances the building and conceals their cell tower.

Our team will work with you to bring your concealment vision to life. What do you want to conceal? At CellTech we can make it happen… because we’re everywhere you don’t see us.