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CellTech to donate gift cards to families in need throughout 2023.

ANAHEIM, Ca., January 12, 2023 — CellTech, the Southwest region’s leading full-service telecom and wireless camouflage and concealment contractor donated $500 gift cards to 10 families in Orange County, California during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The company wants to continue the generosity in the new year by gifting one $500 gift card a week to a deserving family that lives in Southern California.

The gift cards can be used to purchase food, clothing, household items, or anything else the family needs. “When my team and I were talking about how we can give back to the community this past holiday season, we ultimately decided that whatever we do, we want it to directly impact the community, and immediately,” said Esteban DuPont, CellTech’s CEO. “That’s why we decided to give directly to the families. It makes us feel connected to the community that we love so much, and it immediately helps the deserving families who receive the gift cards.”

How to Nominate a Family

Please email a your contact info, the family’s contact info, and a brief description. CellTech will select one recipient each week, and you only need to submit a family’s information once- the nomination will be kept on file throughout the year.

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