Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) | CellTech

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is a dependable, environmentally friendly energy source for your business. They work to harness energy from various sources (off a grid or renewable options) and stores it for future use. We understand the importance of your business remaining operational and have the tools to integrate an energy storage solution for you.

BESS supplies a stable amount of electricity to maximize energy and reduce disruptions to your operation.

BESS Benefits

  • Better load management and smarter energy
  • consumption
  • Environmental efficiency with cost-saving
  • technology
  • Backup power in the event of a grid failure or
  • disruption in the renewable energy source
  • Maximizing renewable energy consumption
  • Energy arbitrage, so you can avoid price
  • Fluctuation depending on the time shift
  • Fast response in the event of blackouts
  • Scalable and effective systems

Solution Types

BESS is a compound solution that serves multiple purposes and can be tailored to your needs. The system performs the following functions:

  • Capturing the energy from different sources
  • Accumulating and storing the energy in batteries for later use
  • Releasing the energy when, and if, required

Energy storage systems include:

  • A battery system
  • Battery management system
  • Power conversion system
  • Energy management system

Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to learn which safety features you may need and the output your business requires to operate at the highest levels.

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