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Power outages can strike without warning, wreaking havoc on your business operations and bottom line. From financial losses to damaged equipment and tarnished reputations, the consequences can be severe. At CellTech, we understand the critical importance of uninterrupted power for your business. That’s why we offer reliable commercial generator installation services tailored to your needs.

What exactly is a commercial generator? Simply put, it’s your safety net during power outages. These backup power sources kick in seamlessly when the grid fails, ensuring your essential electrical systems keep running smoothly.

When selecting a generator, several factors come into play. Our team considers the available fuel sources, power requirements, outage frequency, and local regulations to recommend the most suitable option for your business. Whether diesel or natural gas, we ensure your generator can handle the load and keep your operations running.

Choosing the right transfer switch is equally important. While automatic switches offer convenience, manual switches provide greater control over your power usage. We guide you through this decision-making process to ensure it aligns with your operational needs.

What can you expect during a commercial generator installation? Our licensed electricians oversee the entire process, working closely with building inspectors and utility companies to guarantee safety and compliance. From start to finish, we provide expert guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.

The benefits of a commercial backup generator are undeniable. With the average US electricity user experiencing 8 hours of outages annually, having a reliable backup power source is crucial. It’s your insurance policy against costly downtime and disruptions to your business.

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Remarkable Concealment Installation Project: Elevating the Hampton Inn Skyline in Thousand Oaks, CA

wireless communication project at the Hampton Inn & Suites to conceal their cell tower

CellTech was entrusted with the task of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the Hampton Inn hotel in Thousand Oaks by providing assembly and installation services for a third-party concealment product, we embarked on a mission that showcased our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Our project involved a meticulous process, starting with the removal of roof tiles to expose the ridge beam. This step was essential to fabricate, install, and frame the platform on which the cell site concealment cupola would be attached. We tackled this task efficiently, completing the roof deck within the first week. The subsequent week saw the successful installation of the cupola structure, demonstrating our dedication to meeting deadlines.

At CellTech, attention to detail is our hallmark. We ensured the precision of every component by assembling the cupola on the ground, guaranteeing a perfect fit and secure bolting. As part of our commitment to excellence, we then expertly removed the wall panels, hoisted the cupola into the air, and placed it atop the meticulously crafted platform. To seamlessly integrate the new addition with the hotel’s aesthetics, we applied a matching paint coat, adhering to the existing color code.

Our project posed unique challenges, from landlord interactions to navigating jurisdictional inspections, all while meeting the fast turnaround demands of Dish Network. CellTech not only met these challenges head-on but exceeded expectations, leaving the Hampton Inn with an enhanced skyline and our client with the assurance of a job well done.

Experience the CellTech difference – where expertise, precision, and commitment come together to transform your concealment installations into works of art.

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Project Spotlight: Cupola Extension & Antenna Replacement

cupola extension project to conceal a telecommunications tower

We are proud to share a special project our team of experienced professionals recently completed for a top telecom company. The project involved moving and replacing antennas and extending the cupola on an existing structure. The scope of work as a whole consisted of removing six existing antennas, and a FRP antenna screen, as well as installing new 4408 RRUS integrated antennas, an exhaust fan and a thermostat. The copula was extended 12 inches and new conduit was run from the dedicated 200-amp panel to the roof.

The team’s attention to detail was evident in the final touch- a custom color and texture matched to the existing brick for the seamless integration of new elements. If you’re in need of a comprehensive solution for your telecom needs, trust the professionals at CellTech to deliver.

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Commercial Generators and Installation Services | CellTech

celltech offers full electrical services for your business

Power outages can create a costly and time consuming loss to your company. The professionals at CellTech understand the importance of keeping your business operational, that is why we provide commercial generator installation and maintenance services.

When considering the addition of a generator for your business, it is important to understand what they are and the value they provide. A commercial generator is a source of power that can replace the supply of energy commonly provided by a grid. They run on natural gas or diesel, allowing it to easily handle the output necessary to support your needs during a blackout.

Our team of experts will review and advise you on the various components that ensure the installation of a generator will suit your needs. These include:

– Available fuel source

– Generator size and power load

– Frequency and length of outages in your area

– Installation requirements and regulations

– Manual or automatic power

At CellTech, our experienced professionals specialize in a variety of electrical services. One of our licensed commercial electricians, along with the approval and supervision of a building inspector and utility company will work together to ensure the proper installation of your generator.

Our nation’s power grid is due for a major upgrade, and in 2020 alone, the United States encountered eight hours of power interruption. You can get ahead of the curve on system upgrades with a commercial generator that exceeds the needs of your business when you need it most.

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What to Know About Upgrading Your Electrical Panel | Anaheim

celltech electrical services installs electrical panels

The ability for your business to run properly relies in part on the output of electricity your electrical panel can supply. Electrical panels tend to be the last thing on an owner’s mind when it comes to their business- until something goes wrong. Panels with low amperages can be a hazard, potentially causing outages while attempting to keep up with the output of your operation. It’s important to understand the importance of a panel that can keep up, and grow with the success of your enterprise.

Our experts are happy to inspect your panel and evaluate its performance to understand if your amperage is keeping up with you, or if it’s time for an upgrade. We offer breaker installation, and can change out your entire system to bring your panel up to speed.

The difference between varying amperage boxes is how many circuits are working to heat, cool or otherwise allot for the use of electric appliances in your home or commercial space.

Unsure of what your current total amperage is? This information can be found on or near the main breaker; this switch controls the whole panel. Simply add the amps of the individual breakers to know the total amperage of your panel.

A few notes on the rules and benefits of a 200 amp panel:

– It is illegal to attempt an electrical panel upgrade yourself; let our experts evaluate your system and recommend the services that are right for you

– Panel upgrades improve workplace safety and reduce the likelihood of an outage

– Even if your business is not quite there, a 200 amp panel will grow with you

– Our team will work on nights and weekends to upgrade your panel without disrupting your business

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