What to Know About Upgrading Your Electrical Panel | Anaheim

The ability for your business to run properly relies in part on the output of electricity your electrical panel can supply. Electrical panels tend to be the last thing on an owner’s mind when it comes to their business- until something goes wrong. Panels with low amperages can be a hazard, potentially causing outages while attempting to keep up with the output of your operation. It’s important to understand the importance of a panel that can keep up, and grow with the success of your enterprise.

Our experts are happy to inspect your panel and evaluate its performance to understand if your amperage is keeping up with you, or if it’s time for an upgrade. We offer breaker installation, and can change out your entire system to bring your panel up to speed.

The difference between varying amperage boxes is how many circuits are working to heat, cool or otherwise allot for the use of electric appliances in your home or commercial space.

Unsure of what your current total amperage is? This information can be found on or near the main breaker; this switch controls the whole panel. Simply add the amps of the individual breakers to know the total amperage of your panel.

A few notes on the rules and benefits of a 200 amp panel:

– It is illegal to attempt an electrical panel upgrade yourself; let our experts evaluate your system and recommend the services that are right for you

– Panel upgrades improve workplace safety and reduce the likelihood of an outage

– Even if your business is not quite there, a 200 amp panel will grow with you

– Our team will work on nights and weekends to upgrade your panel without disrupting your business

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