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celltech offers full electrical services for your business

We offer Telecom solutions for your business, taking care of everything from utility coordination to electric coordination. We offer clients what they need to get the process from start to finish as seamlessly as possible.

Upgrades and installs. We offer electric panel installs and upgrades for clients in California and beyond. We have been providing electrical maintenance services to businesses throughout the region since 2006. When you need a new installation or main panel upgrade, we’re ready to help.

Concealment and camouflage. We strive to be the leader in quality antenna concealment solutions for the wireless industry. Serving today’s largest communications

carriers as they conceal cellular and tower equipment, cabling, and antenna infrastructure.

We are happy to offer clients a free consultation to evaluate their needs and how we may be of service to them.

Our telco coordination promise:

  • We coordinate with fiber and telecom providers to determine the scope of work along with the Carrier’s approved technicians.
  • We oversee the necessary installation and work to ensure the site is ready for telecom.
  • We liaise with the fiber provider for the fiber installation schedule.

Are you worried about the risks of working with multiple providers and contractors? Visit us online at to learn more, or give us a call at 714.768.0945 to speak with one of our installation professionals today.

CellTech proudly serves Anaheim and all surrounding areas.

What CellTech Has to Offer | CellTech

CellTech offers full service electrical services for your business

We offer clients a well-rounded set of services from wireless concealment to installations, upgrades, and structural mapping. In order for us to provide the best service for your needs, it’s important to have an understanding of what each of these services entails.

Wireless Concealment and Camouflage

We take pride in our ability to transform unattractive cell towers into works that complement the surroundings rather than detract from them. We provide concealment services to some of the nation’s largest communications carriers, and have designed everything from steeples to art installations. Our high quality, custom FRP projects are put together by our qualified, knowledgable team of professionals exceeding client expectations on deadline, every time. We provide this service for cell site and tower equipment, cabling, antennas and infrastructure.

Full-Service Electric Installs and Upgrades

Our team of industrial electricians and technicians are trained to install and maintain a range of high voltage electrical equipment utilized in a variety of industries. We provide services for advanced wiring, circuits and panels typically required in industrial environments. We can also install switches, fixtures and circuit boards, depending on your needs at the time of inquiry, or as a means of looking forward at the needs of your company as it expands.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

We are a licensed C-10 contractor, meaning we are qualified to place, install, erect or connect any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduits, solar photovoltaic cells or any part thereof for the purpose of generating, transmitting, transforming or utilizing electrical energy. Our trained, competent technical personnel are ready to analyze, coordinate and complete any such project from start to finish.

Structural Verification and Mapping

Our team can offer the tools and expertise necessary to complete a structural verification in the field for your project. Structural mapping is the identification and characterization of structural expression. Structural mapping technology is commonly employed for terrain analysis has been redeveloped for residential and commercial spaces. Our light detection and ranging (LiDAR) scan technology allows our team to stay beyond trend for your electrical installation needs.

Visit us online at to learn more, or give us a call at 714.768.0945 to speak with one of our installation professionals today.

CellTech proudly serves Anaheim and all surrounding areas.

CellTech Electrical Services

celltech electrical services installs electrical panels

At CellTech, we specialize in concealment projects for your wireless cellular towers, but did you know we provide commercial electrical services as well?

Our experienced professionals understand how important internet, security and electrical connections are for your business. Commonly overlooked, these seemingly minor components are essential to the operation of your business and the advancement of your enterprise.

There are several factors we consider when providing electrical services to our clients. Among others, how many watts of electricity you draw, the type of equipment you use and the type of business in operation all differentiate your hardware and output needs. We consider these and many other details to understand what you need and how best to install it.

An efficient electrical system could end up saving your company costly maintenance bills and electrical outages that could erase essential files.

Our experts will consider the issues you are experiencing with your electrical system, diagnose the issues, and offer you an assortment of commercial and industrial service options to customize the solution to your needs.

Unsure of whether your business requires a commercial or industrial electrician? Here are some things to know about these similar yet specialized professions.

Commercial electricians devote their services to small office buildings, such as dental offices and retail spaces. Working mainly with computer wiring, server maintenance and updating systems, many are contracted by a company for routine care of their systems.

Industrial electricians on the other hand, work on large-scale operations such as warehouses and solar fields. Beyond the single-phase logistics of a commercial electrician, many industrial projects require a three-phase installation and intricate safety plan.

Equally qualified, the main difference is the size and scope of the project that determine which branch of expertise is right for you.

Still not sure? Call the team at CellTech at 714.768.0945 today or visit us online at to learn more about the services we may provide for your project needs.

Church Steeple Re-Design and Fabrication | Anaheim, CA

church steeple re-design and fabrication project to conceal a cell tower

In 2018, CellTech partnered with T-Mobile to design and fabricate a unique concealment solution in San Diego, CA. We collaborated on a church steeple design and tailored fabrication for an existing building. As with all our concealment solutions, this project was customized to meet the needs of the client and the space. Fabricated off-site, this project took vision and demanded precision. Featuring ventilation and details that complete the aesthetic, this design flawlessly conceals the cell tower within it. Whatever your concealment needs, work with the team that specializes in creating unique solutions.

Our team will work with you to bring your concealment vision to life. What do you want to conceal? At CellTech we can make it happen… because we’re everywhere you don’t see us.