Concealment Project Highlight of the Month

CellTech is committed to customized concealment projects for our clients. In 2015, Cell Tech completed a project for Verizon Wireless in Lake Forest, California that we would like to highlight. A collaborative effort, the team at Verizon and our craftsmen developed a chimney design for this cabin-inspired space. Upon finalizing the design, the professionals at CellTech fabricated the faux chimney base off-site. Once complete, the parts were craned into place and faux river rock paneled along the façade. To ventilate the space, a vent was later added. The final product seamlessly enhances the building and conceals their cell tower.

Our team will work with you to bring your concealment vision to life. What do you want to conceal? At CellTech we can make it happen… because we’re everywhere you don’t see us.