Custom Made Concealment Systems for Antennas I Anaheim, CA

Our dedicated design team works with companies to create custom solutions for their antenna concealment needs. We partner with the leaders of wireless communications technology and infrastructure to create solutions unique to every project. Cookie cutter concealment solutions are the easy way, not the right way, to begin transforming antennas into something that blends into our natural spaces.

Technological needs are only going to continue to expand as we become an ever-more populated and globalized world. At CellTech, we understand that businesses and individuals alike rely on the communications services of today. We also understand that cell towers, antennas and other communications infrastructure tend not to enhance the outdoors where individuals thrive. What is wireless concealment? Wireless concealment is the process of screening, hiding, or camouflaging cellular and communications technology.

We are proud to offer a range of options that will conceal antennas to enhance the natural beauty of our outdoor spaces while providing people with the cell coverage they need.

Thus far, we have designed concealment solutions that range from clock towers to palm trees, taking careful consideration of our customer’s needs and the unique spaces we work in. Previously unsightly antennas are transformed into any number of options that allow the space itself to shine once more. Our experts have experience in providing designs that include but are not limited to screen-walls, enclosures, church steeples, decretive architectural facades and much more. Whether you are a wireless carrier, landlord, zoning board, community, home or business owner, our team will work with you to come up with an effective solution to meet your needs.

At CellTech, we consider the unique needs of every project, believing that the care it takes to create unique solutions is worth the effort. Call CellTech today to learn more about how we are transforming communications infrastructure at 714.768.0945 or visit us at