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celltech offers full electrical services for your business

Power outages can strike without warning, wreaking havoc on your business operations and bottom line. From financial losses to damaged equipment and tarnished reputations, the consequences can be severe. At CellTech, we understand the critical importance of uninterrupted power for your business. That’s why we offer reliable commercial generator installation services tailored to your needs.

What exactly is a commercial generator? Simply put, it’s your safety net during power outages. These backup power sources kick in seamlessly when the grid fails, ensuring your essential electrical systems keep running smoothly.

When selecting a generator, several factors come into play. Our team considers the available fuel sources, power requirements, outage frequency, and local regulations to recommend the most suitable option for your business. Whether diesel or natural gas, we ensure your generator can handle the load and keep your operations running.

Choosing the right transfer switch is equally important. While automatic switches offer convenience, manual switches provide greater control over your power usage. We guide you through this decision-making process to ensure it aligns with your operational needs.

What can you expect during a commercial generator installation? Our licensed electricians oversee the entire process, working closely with building inspectors and utility companies to guarantee safety and compliance. From start to finish, we provide expert guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.

The benefits of a commercial backup generator are undeniable. With the average US electricity user experiencing 8 hours of outages annually, having a reliable backup power source is crucial. It’s your insurance policy against costly downtime and disruptions to your business.

Are you ready to safeguard your business with a commercial generator? Consult with our experts at CellTech today.

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Concealment On The Road | Anaheim, CA

framing for custom concealment project

Our team of experienced professionsals specializes in creating comprehensive concealment solutions for any project.

We proudly offer nationwide instruction for your installers through on-site consultations or while performing services. We aim to ensure a seamless integration of your concealment structure- and we are willing to go the extra mile to do it.

We will ship your concealment installation anywhere it’s needed. CellTech is your comprehensive solution, encompassing design, fabrication, shipping, installation, and training to your specific requirements.

What CellTech Has to Offer | CellTech

CellTech offers full service electrical services for your business

We offer clients a well-rounded set of services from wireless concealment to installations, upgrades, and structural mapping. In order for us to provide the best service for your needs, it’s important to have an understanding of what each of these services entails.

Wireless Concealment and Camouflage

We take pride in our ability to transform unattractive cell towers into works that complement the surroundings rather than detract from them. We provide concealment services to some of the nation’s largest communications carriers, and have designed everything from steeples to art installations. Our high quality, custom FRP projects are put together by our qualified, knowledgable team of professionals exceeding client expectations on deadline, every time. We provide this service for cell site and tower equipment, cabling, antennas and infrastructure.

Full-Service Electric Installs and Upgrades

Our team of industrial electricians and technicians are trained to install and maintain a range of high voltage electrical equipment utilized in a variety of industries. We provide services for advanced wiring, circuits and panels typically required in industrial environments. We can also install switches, fixtures and circuit boards, depending on your needs at the time of inquiry, or as a means of looking forward at the needs of your company as it expands.

Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

We are a licensed C-10 contractor, meaning we are qualified to place, install, erect or connect any electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, raceways, conduits, solar photovoltaic cells or any part thereof for the purpose of generating, transmitting, transforming or utilizing electrical energy. Our trained, competent technical personnel are ready to analyze, coordinate and complete any such project from start to finish.

Structural Verification and Mapping

Our team can offer the tools and expertise necessary to complete a structural verification in the field for your project. Structural mapping is the identification and characterization of structural expression. Structural mapping technology is commonly employed for terrain analysis has been redeveloped for residential and commercial spaces. Our light detection and ranging (LiDAR) scan technology allows our team to stay beyond trend for your electrical installation needs.

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CellTech proudly serves Anaheim and all surrounding areas.